Hospital RecordsがMakotoとの専属契約を発表


Hospital Recordsは今月3日、日本のDrum 'n' Bassプロデューサー / DJであるMakotoと専属契約を交わしたことを発表しました。


Makoto Joins Hospital Records


What’s next?

Obviously an album. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to announce that I’ve signed to Hospital but I actually started working with them after last summer. When you are doing the same thing for a long time sometimes you get lost and don’t want to accept someone else’s opinions but I think I am on the right path now and I feel like I’m moving forward with Hospital’s amazing team.

When’s the album dropping?

Hopefully later this year. I’ve already been working on it over the last few months. Writing an album is a long path and a lot of hard work, but I’m really enjoying it and excited about it. I would say more than half is done at the moment.