Who The Hell Are Deadcode?

Ratatataは今年02月に31 RecordingsからリリースされたフィンランドのDrum 'n' BassデュオDeadcodeのシングル'Ratatata / Chasm'に収録されている楽曲です。

Amen Breakと地を這うようなベース、そして畳み掛けるようなRaggaボーカルと高揚感を煽るホーンが特徴で聴く人に強烈な印象を残します。Rampage 2016に出演したFull CycleのSetでもその威力は実証済みで、今後多くのDJによってプレイされ更なる広がりを見せる可能性を持つトラックと言えるでしょう。


“It came about totally by accident!” says Konsta. “We both share the same studio space and were doing some collaborations together, just sitting down having a couple of beers and having fun. We made one track that was quite cool but it was pretty basic in comparison, though. Then we found this vocal sample, a ragga vocal from a sample CD. We played with it through SoundToys’ Little Alterboy vocal manipulator then threw an amen and a Dillinja-eseque bass in there then add a foghorn for good measure. Suddenly we looked at each other and said ‘shit this is pretty good!’”


This fusion isn’t a one-off accident either. Deadcode will follow up Ratatata with Bomboclat on April 18 on their own label Deadcode Records. Armed with a shank-like skank and more rough, distorted bass, it’s another verified banger in the Deadcode cannon.

“Oh we have many,” grins Konsta. “A whole bunch of tunes are ready but we’re playing it by ear with every release and taking it slowly. We know how these things work and there’s no point in rushing things….”

Deadcode - Ratatata / Chasm - 31 Recordings
iTunes - ミュージック - Deadcode「Ratatata / Chasm - Single」 Ratatata / Chasm: Deadcode: デジタルミュージック