今月からヨーロッパでの本格的なDJのキャリアをスタートさせるBensleyが現在の心境をRAM Records公式サイトに掲載されたインタビューで明かしています。

Bensleyは09月25日にオランダらヨーロッパツアーを開始し、ロンドンではRAM Recordsのイベントへ出演します。

Bensley's European Debut is Coming!

Hey Bensley, thanks for speaking to us! So you’re playing out in Europe for the first time this year. Are you nervous?

I’m actually really looking forward to playing out there, but also incredibly nervous! Toronto has an amazing drum and bass scene, although I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like in London; obviously it’s the scene’s capital. It’s packed in Toronto when everyone comes out in force to see Andy’s sets, and knowing that the scene is ten times bigger across the pond is pretty exciting!

I’m also amped because since the release of my album, people are beginning to show up for me and they know my tunes. That’s an amazing feeling! Tracks that you wouldn’t think to go off in that atmosphere are getting big reactions because people have developed an attachment to them that goes beyond the dance floor. It’s great to bring that into a live setting!

My first gig is in Haarlem, the Netherlands, which is going to be sick!


Bensleyは約5年間No Frills(カナダのチェーン食料品店)に勤め、こうした日中の仕事をこなしながらRAM Recordsへデモを送り続けていたとUKFの記事で語られています。

After almost 5 years, today is my last day of work at No Frills. I'm sure in some sick, twisted way I'll miss this place, but bigger things are on the horizon.

Posted by Bensley on 2015年8月11日