Viper RecordingsがMob Tacticsとの専属契約を発表


Viper RecordingsMob Tacticsとの専属契約を発表しました。

2009年に結成されたこのデュオは'Nightlife 6''Audio Presents Ramlife Drum & Bass'といった著名なコンピレーションアルバムへ楽曲が収録されることで知名度を上昇させると共に昨年はMTA RecordsからシングルとEPをリリースし彼等のテッキーでファンキーなスタイルを明確に示しました。そして今年07月にリリースされたViper Recordingsのコンピレーションアルバム'Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2015'にはZodiacが収録され、アルバムのContinuous DJ Mixも担当しています。

Viper Recordings - Mob Tactics Sign To Viper Recordings


Now you’ve signed to Viper and the new single is due at end of August (sleeve below), how did it come about?

Viper are a label that we’ve wanted to work with for a while as their musical output perfectly sums up where we’re at with our sound. They do techy stuff right through to the anthemic dancefloor smashers and the quality control is really tight.

We sent Futurebound a batch of tracks a few months ago, he hit us back and said he wanted them all! We were obviously well stoked. He asked to hear any other stuff we had on the go so we sent him what we were working on and it kind of went from there.

We got a Skype call from the whole Viper gang and they asked us to sign exclusively. We feel like it’s the perfect home for us and our sound and there’s a really strong family vibe within the whole camp. We honestly couldn’t be happier!

Mob Tactics Join Viper Recordings - Drum & Bass Arena :: Blog

また、既にViper Recordingsからのデビューシングルも決定しており'Neon God feat. Joell Fender / Return Of The Snitch'が08月28日にリリース予定です。

Mob Tactics - Neon God (feat. Joell Fender) / Return Of The Snitch
iTunes - ミュージック - Mob Tactics「Neon God / Return of the Snitch - Single」