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多くの時間を費やし準備を進めてきたデビューアルバムがリークされたとあってSporも怒りを露わにするかと思われましたがこうした事態を「予想していた。」と明かしており文面には怒気は見られません。しかし、リリース行程が守られずSporのDrum 'n' Bassシーンへの帰還がこのような形になってしまったことは非常に残念です。

I anticipated this happening, no matter how hard I worked to prevent it. As a result, we were fully prepared, and the full release of my album Caligo will launch in about 17 minutes, hence beginning this AMA a little early (also this is getting busy).

It's important to be pragmatic. In the end, I'm more so flattered that people are interested. I read your sticky and appreciate the angle; essentially it's the ideal response to the situation. I only wish more people showed that level compassion and emotional intelligence regarding peoples work.

How do I feel? Seeing a good few people saying they were prepared to wait it out, and showing some feeling towards it leaking really is flattering, so a huge thank you to all those people. It's impossible not to be really attached to something you've worked on for so long, I really do appreciate the unity. That said - I'm not one to dwell, and I've got the best team and management in the world, as well as BitTorrent fully behind us, so it's also been humbling watching them all react so quickly.

I'm Jon Gooch also known as Spor. Ask Me Anything. : Music