Rob SwireがPendulumへの情熱を既に失っていることを告白


12月16日(UTC)にKnife PartyがReddit上で行ったAMA(Ask Me Anything)でPendulumファンの方々にとって非常に残念な発表がありました。

AMAは先月アルバム'Abandon Ship'をリリースしたばかりのKnife Partyとして行われたものでしたが当然ながらPendulumに関する質問も多数寄せられました。そしてその中にはPendulumのアルバムの進捗状況について尋ねたものもあり、その問いに対しRob Swireは「我々がKnife Partyを始めた頃、私はこのプロジェクト(Pendulum)への情熱を失った。」と当時の心境を初めて明かしました。更に「私はもうDrum 'n' Bassを作る欲求を持っていないし、それをRockと融合させる欲求もなく、そしてライブバンドでツアーをする欲求もない。」とPendulum再開の意思がないことを明確にする一文も添えられています。

We are Knife Party (aka Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen). Ask us anything!

Honest answer:

It's been nearly 5 years since the last Pendulum album - even if we do release new material, it will most likely sound completely different, just because...well, people change, and get bored of things, etc. I have no real desire to make drum'n'bass anymore, I have no desire to fuse it with rock, and I sure as fuck don't have any desire to tour with a live band.

Around about the time we started Knife Party, I really lost my heart for the project. I remember playing Glastonbury 2011 on the main stage - we played just before Beyonce to a crowd full of parents and their kids waiting to sing "Crazy in Love", staring at us with blank faces. I was watching the TV coverage of the show afterwards and I just thought "how the fuck did it turn into this? this isn't the kind of project I wanted to be involved in at all". It wasn't even the crowd response, I just didn't like anything about it.


On top of that, we weren't making any money since we were spending it all on crew members wages, freight costs, transport, production assistants etc (touring with a band is REALLY expensive). Now, we were never into it for the money, but as you start getting closer to 30, you start to think "oh yeah, I have able to eat food n stuff" - and if your heart isn't in the project, well, there's not much point in continuing.

今年リリース予定としていたPendulumのアルバムは契約の履行のため制作は進められるようですがRob Swireは制作意欲が無いことを明らかにしているため仮にアルバムがリリースされても嘗てのような興奮は望めないかもしれません。更に、このアルバムがPendulum最後のスタジオアルバムとなる可能性が高いでしょう。

We're contracted for another album. I have no idea what's going to happen. I don't really want to do one - I'd prefer to work on something else with KP or perhaps a new project altogether. If I have to do it, then I will, but that's never a great place to start making music.